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A Sveltekit app template

A app development template to enable quick time to value

This app is a template for app development with [Sveltekit]( [Flowbite-svelte]( components are used extensively. The baseline...

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Your personal multiple calendar - appointment app

This app enables you to receive appointment requests via an invitation url or a event quicklink. The app supports multiple resource - calendars. ## Highlights - There is no limi...

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Share card image attachments

One of the many possibilities with Space Apps!

This use case serves to illustrate the endless possibilities to use a combination of Space Apps to help businesses. This blog focus on sharing image from within Trello to an exter...

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Taco Bump

Bump your checklist item due magically!!!

This app enables you to reuse your checklists and magically set new due dates based on existing due dates on your checklists. It is designed to work with another Deta Space app, ...

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Why Deta Space and Trello?

A Point of View

# The Journey Retirement is a life-changing event for many people. It is a time when people can finally relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Retirement can be both exciting ...

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Taco Mail

Personalise your Trello Emails

This app gives you a personal email capability which you can use within your Trello automation **and/or any other apps**. It uses the http request to call your app. It is designe...

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Turn your emails to an App

This is an app uses the SMTP capability that comes with most modern and enables it to be used by other apps. The interface is via a simple payload on a POST Request. You can hav...

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Auto Reply

Auto reply for your Formate

This is an app that sends an email when a submission is received on your Formate instance using Deta Space scheduled action. It is customisable to work with any Formate submission...

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The PowerUp

A Trello PowerUp for Apps

This a simple Trello PowerUp for your apps and or any publicly available app. It supports default app on a workspace, a board or any card. Here's some examples on how it can be u...

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A 2 way one-to-one mirror and sync solution for Trello

This app a 2 way one-to-one mirror and sync solution for Trello. It uses uses Trello native webhooks. It is implemented with using the FASTAPI framework to provide the api servi...

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Space Butler

Powerful automation capabilities for Trello

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in Space Butler. This app provides automation services to complement existing Trello Automation capabilities via the HTTP Request. It i...

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What is Blog-Doc ?

A brief introduction to Blog-Doc.

This blog was written by the [LebCit]( creator of Blog Doc. Blog-Doc is a tiny and dead simple static site generator written in JavaScript, using EJS as...

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